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Grendel Mini Series Lots! Dark Horse Comics, Matt Wagner

Grendel Mini Series Lots! Dark Horse Comics, Matt Wagner

Grendel Mini Series Lots! Dark Horse Comics, Matt Wagner    Grendel Mini Series Lots! Dark Horse Comics, Matt Wagner

DARK HORSE COMICS, MATT WAGNER. A giant Lot of Miscellaneous Grendel mini-series including two BATMAN Grendel! The short piece Devil's Whisper was published in 1989 in A1 Book 4. It was written by James Robinson.

And drawn by D'Israeli. The story takes place in between issues 15 and 16, and concerns Captain Wiggins briefly wearing Brian Li Sung's Grendel mask. /Grendel crossover, Devil's Riddle and Devil's Masque , was written and drawn by Wagner and colored by Wagner at the time of the Comico series, but was delayed by Comico's bankruptcy. It was finally published by DC in 1993. The story assumes that Hunter Rose and Batman live in the same fictional universe and are contemporaries.

Bored with Argent the wolf and the NYPD, Hunter Rose comes to Gotham City. To challenge the city's protector to stop him before he commits an audacious crime. Hunter Rose becomes increasingly impressed with Batman but is still able to pull off his crime. However, Batman's interference proves to be more trouble than he expected and Grendel winds up unintentionally endangering the life of a child and indirectly causing the death of a person he did not consider an enemy. Grendel and Batman's final battle ends with the assassin just barely escaping Gotham, his arm broken by the Dark Knight in the process. On returning to New York, Hunter Rose concludes that he should be satisfied with the challenges provided by Argent the wolf and the NYPD rather than risk further challenging the Batman and attracting his notice.

Hunter Rose says that Batman is not a wolf but a tiger, indicating the hero is too dangerous and too much like himself to risk making a true enemy. Although this story can be seen as out of continuity, Hunter Rose is depicted with a broken arm in the "Devil's Advocate" short, featured in Grendel: Black, White, & Red. Grendel Tales , an irregular series of stories by other writers and artists set in the world Wagner had created, was intended to follow the original comic seriesin fact, Grendel #40 had contained a short story by Steven T.

But Comico's bankruptcy derailed this plan. Grendel Tales finally began in 1993, published by Dark Horse as a series of miniseries. Four Devils, One Hell by James Robinson. (1993) This story features the skull of Hunter Rose. The skull has a hole in the forehead, though it is not explained in the story why this is.

The reason is revealed in the 1996 Batman/Grendel crossover. Devil's Hammer by Rob Walton.

The Devil in Our Midst by Steven T. Devils and Deaths by Darko Macan. Devil's Choices by Darko Macan and Edvin Biukovi (1995). The Devil May Care by Terry Laban.

The Devil's Apprentice by Jeffrey Lang. Wagner wrote and painted a series of short stories as backups in Grendel Tales , starting in 1994 and collected in 1995. A hardcover collection of the story was released in June, 2008. Set 104 years after War Child, these back-up stories feature the Grendel-Khan, Jupiter Assante III, as he attempts to find Grendel-Prime in the wastelands.

The cyborg, disillusioned by the decadence of the world, is attempting a bloody experiment/ritual to contact the soul of Hunter Rose, his namesake. The ritual seems to work and Grendel-Prime disappears. He later reappears some distance away, badly damaged. What happened when he vanished and why he was damaged was not explained until 1996 with the publication of the second Batman/Grendel crossover.

In 1995, Grendel Cycle was published. It was a 64-page recap of Grendel's history, written by Matt Wagner and with art pulled from issues of the original series. It also contained an all-new 8-page primer, written and painted by Wagner, showcasing various characters and events from the series; a timeline of the Grendel legacy, giving some new information about the characters; and a cover gallery for the 40-issue Comico series and the War Child miniseries.

The second two-part Batman/Grendel crossover, titled Devil's Bones and Devil's Dance , was published in 1996. It tied directly into events from Devil Quest. A collection of both Batman/Grendel stories was released in hardcover (limited to only 300 copies) and paperback in April, 2008. In the present day, a museum in Gotham City is holding an exhibition of famous murderers, including as its prize exhibit the bones of Hunter Rose, the assassin and crime lord Grendel. In the 26th century, Grendel-Prime's experiment in the story Devil Quest sends him back in time.

In the present day, Grendel-Prime materializes in the Gotham City museum, drawn by the "true skull" of his namesake Hunter Rose. With the aid of a kidnapped WayneTech engineer, Grendel-Prime builds a device that will return him to the 26th century and kill thousands in the process, a blood sacrifice to enable contact with Hunter Rose's soul. Batman prevents Grendel-Prime from carrying out the sacrifice, has his arm broken in their battle, mirroring the injury he inflicted on Hunter Rose in the first Batman/Grendel crossover. The defeated Grendel-Prime is then sent back into the future, explaining his damaged appearance at the end of Devil Quest. The events of this story also explain why the 1993 story Four Devils, One Hell depicted Hunter Rose's skull as having a hole in its forehead.

Black, White and Red & Red, White and Black. As the title suggests, the stories were drawn in black and white with red spot-color. A second series, Grendel: Red, White and Black , followed in 2002.

Some of the artists included D'Israeli. The collected versions of these two limited series also contain several short Grendel stories Wagner had published over the years, such as "Devil's Vagary" (a 16-page one-shot from the Comico Collection slipcase), "The Devil's Week" from A Decade of Dark Horse #1, "Midnight Looms" [Scared of the Devil] (from Dark Horse Extra #4950), and "Devils Duel" (from Dark Horse Maverick 2001). In 1999 a two-part series, Grendel: Devil Child , written by Diana Schutz. And drawn by Tim Sale, told the harrowing story of Stacy Palumbo and the birth of her daughter, Christine Spar. A hardcover collection of the story was released in June 2008. In July 2007 Dark Horse debuted the new Hunter Rose series Grendel: Behold the Devil with a 50¢ #0 issue. This was released during 2007, the 25th Anniversary of Grendel. The first issue hit comic stands in November 2007. The series ran eight issues (nine including #0). In October 2011, Grendel appeared in the CBLDF. S fundraising Liberty Annual in a story addressing the book's It Gets Better.

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  • Publisher: Dark Horse
  • Year: 1992
  • Grade: 7.0 FN/VF
  • Era: Modern Age (1992-Now)
  • Main Character: Grendel
  • Certification: Uncertified
  • Tradition: US Comics

Grendel Mini Series Lots! Dark Horse Comics, Matt Wagner    Grendel Mini Series Lots! Dark Horse Comics, Matt Wagner